This is a reference space for parents and guardians. I will be posting links, documents and videos for you to read/reference/watch that will help you support your children at home. If you come across a great resource, please forward it my way and I will post it here! Remember, this is a TEAM EFFORT!

Please post anonymous questions, concerns and suggestions on my WallWisher page. Double click and write!

Parent/Guardian Resources : Ministry of Education

The Parents’ Role in their Child’s Learning (PBS article)

Supporting Your Child’s Education

Check out this video!


3 thoughts on “Parents/Guardians

  1. I can see, you’re still an outstanding TEACHER (and person). Keep it up…never lose that zeal!
    All the best Mr. Minkhorst!

    • Thank you, Mrs Cook! I am looking forward to being back in the classroom. Be sure to tell Simon that he is always welcome to come and do volunteer hours at JWH 🙂

  2. Will do. He’s volunteering at Kevin Flynn’s office this summer and always seems to keep himself busy with things. Enjoy the rest of your summer and take good care. :o)

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