Library Circulation Expectations

To parents/guardians,
 Here are a few helpful reminders about the James W. Hill/Clearview Library:
 ·      Students will be given a time for book exchange once every week. However, books can be kept for a total of three weeks from the date they were signed out.
·      You may renew a book that you did not have time to read.
·      If a book is not returned or renewed in the three weeks following being signed out, it will go to overdue status. At this point, automated phone calls and late notices will be sent to the home of the student from OPL staff.
·      There is no charge for items in overdue status.
·      Once a book has been overdue for 51 days, it is considered lost. At this point, the student will need to return the book or pay replacement charges to the school (the cost of the book + $6.00 OPL processing fee).
·      At 60 days of lost, the account may be sent to a collection agency.
·      If a book is located in good condition and returned after paying a lost fee, you will be refunded the replacement cost of the book.



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